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Thinking Like An Entrepreneur
SuperBizCamp for Teens

By Bobbi DePorter, President Quantum Learning Network and SuperCamp, Author

Teens today face myriad challenges and choices as they prepare for their future. No matter what path they choose—post-secondary training, college, even their own business—their choices will be easier if they’re well informed about possibilities. Whether they eventually work for someone else or start their own business, they will benefit from thinking like an entrepreneur—and it’s never too early for teens to start that line of thinking.

“When students learn to think and act like entrepreneurs—to have self-reliance, to think creatively to solve real-world problems—they will be better prepared to be successful in life,” believes U.S. Representative, Dave Loebsack who introduced The Learn to Earn Act of 2011. There is a now a dramatic trend for young people to move toward entrepreneurship. According to a recent survey, 46% of Gen Y young people (ages 18–35) are likely to start a business in the next five years. This is where SuperBizCamp comes in.

SuperBizCamp is a program developed by Quantum Learning Network (QLN) to recognize this trend and address the urgent need for teens to think like entrepreneurs no matter what they envisage for their future.

Before founding QLN, I operated a business school for adults utilizing accelerated learning methods to teach not only business skills, but learning skills as well. Seeing great potential for youth, I introduced SuperCamp in 1982 in response to the need for students to learn how to learn. Now I feel there’s a strong need to prepare teens to think like entrepreneurs—SuperBizCamp addresses this need.

SuperBizCamp - July 28-Aug. 4, 2013

Hosted at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, SuperBizCamp immerses aspiring teen entrepreneurs into a highly collaborative mini-MBA style course that was developed in partnership with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE).

Over eight days students construct their own unique business plans—with the exciting opportunity to win seed capital to start their own business. Our teen entrepreneurs acquire a background of sound business principles and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. Innovation, creative thinking, and collaboration are celebrated, sparking students’ imaginations and challenging them to develop fresh ideas.

In addition, essential learning and life skills—including critical thinking, communication, relationship-building, and stress management—help students overcome obstacles and achieve success throughout their careers.

At SuperBizCamp students experience real-world business activities through case studies, buying and selling events, role-playing sales, and sessions with entrepreneurial experts. In addition, they have the opportunity to participate in a buying event at a local supplier and prepare a product to sell at a local venue.

The SuperBizCamp curriculum covers a range of topics including:

- Return on investment

- Business plan writing

- Opportunity recognition

- Marketing

- Competition/collaboration

- Cash flow

- Stress management

- Visual mapping tools

- Learning and leadership style

Sales Pitch and Business Plan Competition - SuperBizCamp teen entrepreneurs write and present their personal business plan to a panel of judges and compete for start-up seed capital. Using the information they learned from guest experts, students illustrate how they can plan, launch and sustain their business.

At the end of SuperBizCamp, your teen comes away with leadership, goal-setting, and problem-solving skills that will serve them well in school and as they develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The challenges, vision, and confidence they gain from the SuperBizCamp experience will launch them on their entrepreneurial journey.

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