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Clutter-Free Wealth

Are You Making the Most Out of Your Millions?

Award-winning entrepreneur Liz Miller uses her two decades of Wall Street experience to provide an achievable, goal-oriented process in Clutter-Free Wealth

You have worked hard, made your millions and control significant sums to invest in your future. But are you really making the most of your money?

That’s exactly what award-winning entrepreneur Liz Miller – with over two decades of Wall Street experience – will help you achieve through her new book, Clutter-Free Wealth. The author will change the way you think about your money and future, providing you with an effective, innovative approach to creating a portfolio and achieving long-term goals.

Clutter-Free Wealth gets you organized, simplifies your planning and makes your financial dreams come true by helping:

- Identify the conscientious, proven professionals to make up the right team to manage your wealth

- Bring back feelings of control and comfort when your wealth has become overwhelming

- Make the right decisions when there are too many difficult ones in front of you

- Understand your money values and build a net worth statement

- Address the areas of risk in your wealth

- Compile a basic estate plan

- Set and prioritize long-term investment goals

- Create a personalized, consistent approach to all aspects of wealth

- Plan a truly meaningful legacy for those you love

“Liz Miller lays out a clear and intelligible framework for wealthy families to take back control of their wealth, rather than having their wealth control them,” said Stephen M. Horan, Ph.D., CFA, CIPM, head of University Relations and Private Wealth at the CFA Institute.

“At last, a common sense, highly pragmatic guide to cleaning up the mess that aggravates and hijacks so many of us when it comes to our financial affairs. I strongly recommend Clutter-Free Wealth to any high net worth investor trying to make sense of it all!” raves Charlotte B. Beyer, Founder & CEO of the Institute for Private Investors and the Investor Education Collaborative.

Miller founded Summit Place Financial Advisors, LLC to offer personalized asset management and financial consulting and coordination to elite families and individuals. She received her BS in economics from the acclaimed Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and an MA from Columbia University. Recently named one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs for 2011 by Own It Ventures and New Jersey Monthly Magazine, the writer is a regular guest in the financial media including CNBC, Reuters, BNN, Bloomberg, Businessweek TV, Dow Jones’ Marketwatch, Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily. She serves on the editorial advisory board for Trusts & Estates Magazine and regularly speaks at professional financial forums. Miller lives in Summit, New Jersey with her husband and twin daughters. Learn more at