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How a Book Can Get You a Career Promotion

by Sherrie Wilkolaski, founder of
Author's Boutique

There is a secret to success when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder for virtually anyone interested in going the distance.  The answer, write a book.  Sounds simple and complex all at the same breath, but it doesn’t have to be.  A book is a magical thing and when you blend it with your passion for business, incredible things can happen.

How can writing a book give your a career boost? For the business-minded author a book is the premier business card.  It is something that most people dream about, yet the majority of people never accomplish.  A book says to employers and potential clients that you have the stamina to go the distance.  We’ll talk about how to “make it happen” but first let’s talk about the benefits.  

A book can:

1. Position you as an expert.  If it’s in print, it must be true…right?  Writing a book will be the first step in defining you as an expert.  Write a second book and you’re on your way to becoming a player in your niche.

2. Speaking Engagements.  Books are to authors, what albums are to musicians.  Write a book that you can take on tour and start getting speaking engagements.  You may only have a one-hit wonder…but so what!  You’re on the road.  You need a book to be considered for many speaking opportunities and the best part; you can sell your book in mass quantities to the attendees.  Don’t forget to package in the book with your speaker fee.  It’s a great takeaway for the audience and there is always the chance, they’ll lend the book out to a friend, introducing you to another new fan.

3. Media Interest.
  How often to you hear a radio interview or see an expert interviewed on TV who doesn’t have a book to promote?  In this day and age, very rarely. The media wants to know that you are for real and nothing says, “I’m right for the interview” than a book.  

4. Ultimate business card.  Wow!  Forget the standard 2” x 3” paper business card that gets thrown away or ends up forgotten in the pants pocket and crumbles out of the dryer, never having been read.  A book is the ultimate business card!  Use it as a giveaway for clients, potential clients and ask your future boss for an endorsement.  It will open doors you never even knew existed.

5. Ability to reach more people in one shot.  Are you in sales?  Are you a consultant?  How many people can you talk to in one day?  A book is an educational tool to pass on your knowledge to those in need of it.  Putting it in writing, in a concise manner gives you the ability to help the masses.  

How do you get started?

For me, I stumbled into writing my first bestselling book as a need for the business I was in.  Since then, I’ve positioned myself as an expert in the business of publishing.  If you want to take the steps necessary to publish a book, here are my tips on getting started:

1. Brainstorm on what you know.  No joke. Ask yourself what you’re the best at and then just start writing out ideas.  Go crazy and jot down whatever comes to your mind.  When you’re done you’ll have a list that you can pair down and you’ll find ill start to look like the start of a book outline.  Trust me, it works like a charm.

2. Create buckets of information.  Once you have defined the areas of your expertise you can whittle those down to different buckets of information and throw out what doesn’t fit.

3. Create your table of contents. When you finally define your buckets, that blossoms into a TOC as it is called in the industry and before you know it you’re off to the races.

4. Writing the book.  Mmmm…this isn’t an overnight project.  Put yourself on a schedule and stick to it.  Believe in yourself and you can do it.

5. Don’t worry about grammar.  Write to get the words out, particularly if you are not a writer by trade.  There is a thing called an editor and they will help you to turn your book into your own work of art.

6. No time to write.  Hire a ghostwriter.  There is no shame in working with a professional writer who can help to turn your knowledge into words that make sense on the printed page.  A good ghostwriter is just the medium that channels what you really have to say and gets it down on paper.  Virtual or otherwise.

At the end of the day, if you want to be the leader in your industry, if you want to control your business destiny, you should seriously consider writing a book.  Not sure which road to take, or if your ideas are worth it.  Talk with your colleagues, someone you trust or reach out to a publishing expert like myself. Even if there are other books out there with a similar message, the value of investing your time in publishing a book is truly priceless.  I’m talking from experience as a bestselling author and publishing expert.  

Ask yourself this question, are you ready for success?  If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to publish your first book.  Happy Publishing!

Sherrie Wilkolaski is a public relations and marketing expert for independent authors and traditional publishers. Her unique balance of real-world experience as a best-selling author and her insider knowledge into the mechanics of the publishing process has allowed her to help thousands of authors successfully translate their creations into published works of art. Her boutique publishing house style draws authors to her—it’s the measurable results in book sales that keep them loyal. Learn more at